Pop Art Soda

Chef inspired small batch artisan sodas and syrups.

Our sodas are usually handcrafted in 5 gallon batches, and we like to age them at temperatures under 38 degrees. Allowing the syrups to age allows the flavors to meld together. We use the old style stainless steel soda kegs that Coke and Pepsi used back before they moved to syrup in a box.
Being a brewer and a chef, I treat the soda brewing process as I would making a batch of beer or cooking a sauce. To subtly change the taste and to bring different layers of flavor, I add ingredients at different times and temperatures. I am constantly trying different combinations, especially with our Sarsaparilla. If you follow the Gypsy Blu food truck, you can find Pop Art sodas available. Follow Pop Art and Gypsy Blu on social networking to receive heads-up on menus and flavors so you know what to expect. Gypsy Blu usually keeps two small-batch sodas on tap at each stop. When you visit the truck, I suggest you get there early, bring an appetite for good food and drink. Cash is preferred but they also accept credit and debit. (Using cash will generally get you through the line much faster.) Regardless, you will have a much finer and speedier food experience than you would at any fast-food joint.
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Currently being made Exclusively for Bonterra Blu